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Fundraising Tournaments

Fundraising made easy and fun

Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama has many great Fundraising ideas and events for lots of groups. Many local school groups have raised money to help their sports teams, music departments and much more. Bowling is a great fundraiser for churches, charities and other organizations too!

Why Should You Host Your Fund Raiser At a Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama?

  • #1 Bowling Is Fun
  • #2 Families Can Do It Together
  • #3 Almost Everyone Can Bowl
  • #4 It’s Inside – Weather Is Never a Factor
  • #5 We can accommodate large groups
  • #6 Great Audio System to Make Announcements & an MC or DJ
  • #7 You Keep a Large Portion of "all" Money Raised
  • #8 Our staff will be there to assist & help organize the event

2 Types of Bowling Fundraisers

1.) Bowling Tournament – We can hold these on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, A bowling tournament fundraiser includes 3 games of bowling and shoes. We charge you $10 a person and you in turn will charge whatever price you want. Most people charge $20 - $25 a person. You also have the option to do lane sponsorships during your event. If you have any businesses that would like to participate, this is a good way for them to get extra exposure. You set the price you want to charge and the money goes straight to your fundraiser.Groups have raised between $500 & $2,000 in one day with this format.

2.) Corporate Lanes Sell – Your group sells individual lane packages for a predetermined price. Package usually includes bowling, shoe rental and food. The organization pays for the bowling and the food and the remainder of the money is yours to keep. Groups can raise over $3,000 in one day and this is a great way to raise funds if your group has relationships with many area companies.

Each Fundraiser has different elements and options that can be customized for your group. The different types of fundraiser also have a very different level of volunteers and time line, it is best to talk to us while planning your event to see what program will work best for your organization.

Add-On Option

50/50 Bowling Event – Your group sells tickets during one of the above listed events and keeps 50% of the money from the tickets. The other 50% will go to the person holding the ticket you draw as the winner. Great to raise $500 – $1000 FAST

Lane Sponsorships – Your group will sell lane sponsorships to local businesses for a price determined by yourself. All of the money you earn from these will go directly to you. We do not keep any of the sponsorship money. Great way to raise $130 - $2600

Rowlett Bowl-a-Rama has helped area groups and organizations raise over $250,000! Call to schedule your fundraiser today!



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